The Martingale Strategy at Roulette

The Martingale system had its origin in France in the 18th century. This strategy is also known as the Mayer Technique. However, it was not until 1934 when Paul Pierre Levy, a French mathematician, worked on probability theory and introduced the Martingale strategy. Perhaps it is the most popular roulette strategy. Especially inexperienced players or beginner players who use it.

It is based on the principle of duplication in case of losing a bet. And you have to follow this principle of duplication until you win a game. The Martingale strategy defends that the moment you win, the bet amount is recovered, and a profit is obtained. Of course, the moment a game is won, the betting system has to be started again.

Martingale strategy example

You have a budget of 10 dollars, and you decide to bet 1 dollar on black. The ball stops in the red. You lost. The second round bets on black 2 dollars. In this case, the ball stops again in red. Unfortunately, you have lost it again. In the third round, you will bet 4 dollars. Finally, luck is on his side, and the ball falls on the black. Congratulations, you have won 8 dollars. To those 8 dollars, you have to add the remaining 3 dollars you had. So your balance is positive, 11 dollars. If you decide to play again, you must bet 1 dollar.

Disadvantages of the Martingale strategy

Probability does not always fit reality is true that if the color black has come out for ten games, there is a very high probability that the color red will come out in the next game. However, it is just that, a probability. Black can come back out and have to wait for the eleventh game to win and get back the lost money.

The maximum betting threshold is infinite.

A player’s financial resources are limited. For this reason, when the player decides to bet on roulette, he must always have a limited budget. If the Martingale strategy is carried out, and during several games, it is lost, the money you need to bet increases considerably, and infinite resources are needed to continue betting.

You can see in the table above that in the first round you start by betting 1 dollar and ten games later the bet is 512 dollars.

Perhaps a good option is to play the Paroli strategy, also known as Reverse Martingale since it is less risky financially.

Casino maximum bet limit

The strategy really works. For this reason, casinos were forced to set maximum betting limits. In the worst case, the player may be on a streak and have to leave the game for having reached the maximum table limit.

Not a good long-term strategy

The main reason why it is not a good long-term strategy is that very large amounts are required to deal with losses.